Education and Arts

Higher Degrees by Research

The Faculty of Education and Arts offers a number of courses for students interested in pursuing a Higher Degree by Research (HDR).

Our HDR supervisors are amongst the leading researchers in their fields in Australia. To complement their research and subject matter expertise, we provide regular professional development opportunities in research supervision to ensure they are well equipped to support our students.

Our HDR candidates are an integral part of the Faculty's research culture and pursue a wide range of research interests in a supportive and intellectually rigorous environment. Browse through our 2015 HDR completions (below) to gain some insight into the range of topics pursued across both Schools.

At ACU we are committed to building a collegial research community and have developed bi-annual HDR workshops to:

  • provide networking opportunities for current academics, HDR students, and education professionals interested in research
  • showcase the research of current HDR students
  • allow prospective students to meet with potential supervisors
  • assist prospective students in preparing for HDR study.

We also offer frequent training courses and workshops (free of charge), in collaboration with Intersect Australia, covering important eResearch data management techniques including data capture, cleaning, exploration and visualisation. Further information about all of these courses is available on the Intersect website.

Graduate Degree Title
PhD Beyond checkpoints: Identity and developmental politics in the Chittagong Hill tracts, Bangladesh
Peter Bentley PhD An investigation of learning processes and contexts of a curriculum program for the formation of spiritual directors
Paula Davis EdD A culturally responsive education program for trauma counsellors in developing countries
EdD From Vision to Reality. The perceptions and practices of school leaders in Christian Education National
MEdR Parents perceptions of their roles in supporting their child with Down syndrome develop mathematical concepts
MEdR "An angel's just appeared and Mary looks kind of worried": Children's interpretations of Christian artworks
Graduate Degree Title
Rachael Adlington PhD Young children's online authoring: the techno-semiotic co-construction of blogs
Anne Anderson EdD Leadership for school improvement
Patricia Andrew EdD Life to the full, a study of Catholic school teachers' personal spirituality
Anthony Borg PhD The butterfly models of careers, planning and chance, its existence and the utility of intervention, in the career education of secondary to post- secondary students
PhD System learning in complex and emergent environments: A study of how teachers in one education system enabled capacity for learning focused on the enactment of moral purpose
PhD Perceptions and practices of an inclusive education for social justice: The case of ZEP schools of Mauritius
Ben DurantPhDSurvival stripped bare: An ethnography of street sex work in Dandenong
Julie FletcherPhDUnderstanding and perceptions of spirituality held by multidisciplinary professionals involved in a community-based palliative care organisation: Implications for professional practice
Jack IsherwoodPhDSPTRe-Thinking public reason
Lesley JonesPhDInvestigating educators’ perspectives of their capacity to teach towards social competence in young children
Syahrial KareaPhDIndonesian secondary-trained EFL teachers teaching English to primary- age children: A study of motivational factors and EFL teaching knowledge
Adrian LaceyEdDKey factors that engaged Year 5/6 students in a religious education curriculum
Pamela LambertMPhilSupported playgroups in schools and parents’ perspectives on children's play
Deborah MoorePhDA place within a place: toward new understandings on the enactment of contemporary imaginative play practices and places
Tania NelsonEdDBuilding bridges: exploring the contributions of principals and pastors to the mission of Lutheran primary schools
Adam TaylorEdDTeachers’ Experience of Professional Standards for Teachers: A case study of the enactment of teaching standards in a high performing school system
Roie ThomasPhDThe sweetest little buggers: Exploitation to autonomy in representations of the Botswana San
Vicki ThorpePhDA study of teachers’ understanding of learning, judgement of learning, and use of data
Zamira Mirjam Ella
Van der Heide-Snijder
PhDSPTDignity as a performative concept
Ozgur YalcinPhDSPTA defence of public reason: A Kantian reading of Rawls’s Ideal Theory
Graduate Degree Title
PhD, Arts Concepts of work wellbeing: A multidisciplinary approach to theory and method
Rosslyn Almond PhD, Arts Good girls and tough guys, prigs and pornographers: Constructions of gender and sexuality in recent and contemporary Australian fiction
Therese Barrington EdD Voices of the future: An exploration of teachers' leadership aspirations
Michael Chambers PhD, Arts "An especially delicate task": The place of students who are not Catholics in Catholic schools in Australia
PhD, Education The aim of the game: Insider stakeholders' perspectives of learning through play
PhD, Arts 'The imaging of the invisible'. Narrative, pilgrimage and 'the metaphysics of the quotidian' in Charles Wright's poetry
MEdR Challenges of Melkite yound adults in Melbourne: Maintaining religious identity and social values within Australian society
Jennifer Hill MPhil, Arts Hanging out in the concrete jungle: Exploring the culture of youth homelessness in Melbourne
PhD, Arts Beyond collaboration: Trans-cultural journeys in the Kimberley
Margaret Lee PhD, Education The institutionalisation of charism in a faith-based school
Frank Molloy EdD The use of NAPLAN data in Catholic schools
Tatum McPherson-Crowie PhD, Education On the nexus of academic libraries, literacies and lifelong learning for academic staff
Tom Okaya PhD, Education School Board Governance in urban low socioeconomic settings: A case study of public primary schools in Kibera, Kenya
Johann Peter PhD, Education The design and evaluation of an e-learning program for church leaders in a multicultural context
Michael Ryan PhD, Education From 'doer' to 'stayer': Dispositional and organisational factors affecting sustained volunteering in community service organisations
Laura Saxton PhD, Arts The unblemished concubine: Representations of Anne Boleyn in the English written word, 2000-2012
Gary Thomas MEdR Problem solving, thinking and group work in mathematics: Developing an effective pedagogy
Theo van der Nest PhD, Education Reconceptualising the preservation of special character in Catholic secondary schools: An investigation of the role of the Director of Religious Studies in Catholic secondary schools in the Hamilton Diocese, Aotearoa New Zealand

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