Education and Arts

HDR Workshops

At ACU Education and Arts, we provide continuous learning and support to Higher Degree by Research (HDR) candidates and research professionals.

Our bi-annual HDR workshops provide prospective and current HDR students with opportunities to engage and network with other members of ACU's vibrant research community.

The workshops cover topics such as writing literature reviews, presentation skills, planning research and research ethics. Current HDR students will present their research 'work-in-progress' reports and share their knowledge with prospective students and other researchers.

The Faculty will also run information sessions on course offerings for students who want to enrol in a research degree. Prospective students will be able to meet potential supervisors, discuss research ideas and gain an understanding of life as an HDR student. You can also read about the experiences of some of our HDR staff and students.

To receive information about our next HDR Workshops please register your interest and select "Higher Degree Research" under "degree type". We will email you an invite to the next event when they occur.