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Global Learning and Leadership

Global LL

The Master of Global Learning and Leadership is a fully online course for professionals who want to learn and lead as citizens of the world.

The course aims to prepare practitioners for the challenges of working and leading in diverse cultural contexts where adult learning plays a key role in responding to, navigating and re-working globalizing forces and their impacts on workplaces, communities, economies and the environment.

Why study this course?

As the only program of its kind offered in Australia, students enrol and learn in a unique intercontinental masters program.  Master of Global Learning and Leadership is offered through a four-country partnership with the University of British Columbia (Canada), University of Western Cape (South Africa) and Linkoping University (Sweden).

Students learn, discuss and share insights with other students and lecturers from around the world via a web-based classroom.  This postgraduate course offers the benefits of learning across borders and transnational experience that informs professional practice and leadership in changing contexts, but without the cost of travel.

Learning outcomes

The course attracts students working as professionals and managers in education, health, social welfare, religion, non-government organisations, government agencies and business and industry.

Students who complete the Master of Global Learning and Leadership will be able to:

  • Demonstrate an advanced, critical and integrated understanding of global change and the implications for learning and leadership
  • Integrate theoretical and experiential knowledge to explore the nature and effects of global transitions on societies, workplaces and everyday lives
  • Critically evaluate the effects of knowledge-based societies and different contexts on learning and leadership
  • Demonstrate responsibility and judgement in complex international environments and transitional communities
  • Interpret discussion with peers and other professionals about the different contexts to identify challenges for diverse adults and for learning and leadership
  • Show mastery in research, evaluation and investigation  techniques

Course structure

The course comprises of eight units, including:

  • Work and Learning
  • Locating Oneself in Global Learning, Part 1
  • Fostering Learning and Leadership in Practice
  • Adult Learning: Perspectives and Contexts
  • Global/Local Learning
  • Understanding Research
  • Global Leadership Capstone Project
  • Locating Oneself in Global Learning, Part 2

Students undertake a series of sequential units of 10 weeks duration. There is a minimum of two weeks break in between each unit until all the coursework units are completed. The subsequent project units may be taken full-time over 1 semester or part-time over 2 semesters.

Angelique Perrin, current student

Global LL student

I wanted to learn something new, expand my thinking on the world around me, and take ownership of my own learning. In my role, I have the opportunity to instruct my colleagues in other departments on how to use systems. Based on this experience of helping my adult colleagues learn a new system, I was attracted by the course because I wanted to gain more insight into the issues surrounding learning in adulthood.

How is the program delivered?

As this course is offered in collaboration with northern hemisphere universities, it does not run in traditional semesters. Classes commence in Professional Term 6, you will need to apply by May 2017.

Further information about the course


To be eligible for admission to the course an applicant must have completed the following prerequisites:

a)    Successful completion of a Bachelor degree
b)    Work experience in paid or unpaid employment or volunteer capacity

For enrolment enquires please email us on