Education and Arts

Teaching Excellence and Learning Innovations Awards

The Faculty of Education and Arts has established two annual Awards to recognise and reward the outstanding efforts and ingenuity of our academic staff in continually advancing the student teaching and learning experience.

The FEA Excellence in Teaching Award exists to encourage and reward high quality teaching by members of the academic staff across all modes: online, multi-mode or blended, and face-to-face.

The FEA Learning Innovations Award commends a particular contemporary practice in learning and teaching that has been successfully implemented and evaluated in a scholarly way within the past three years.

While the Excellence in Teaching Award recognises overall teaching excellence, the Learning Innovations Award is for a particular innovation or example of excellent practice.

Learning Innovations Award

The 2015 Learning Innovations Award was awarded to Dr Nick Carter, Dr Duncan Cook and Dr Chris Matthew for their development and delivery of a unique interdisciplinary undergraduate field school in Rome (The History and Geography of Ancient and Modern Rome). The innovation lies in the field school's dynamic and distinctive combination of interdisciplinary and field-based study in an overseas context, and its creative mix of experiential, reflective, cooperative and problem-based learning strategies to enhance the student learning experience.

Teaching Excellence Awards

Three Teaching Excellence Awards were conferred in 2015 - to Dr Jen Couch, Dr Victoria Carruthers and Dr James Marland.

Dr Jen Couch (Youth Work) - Jen's award highlights her work in challenging students to examine their own experiences and their thinking about young people, and her creative approach to developing and implementing a curriculum that provides student with insight into their future profession and the values that are required when working with marginalised young people

Dr Victoria Carruthers (Modern and Contemporary Art History and Theory) - Victoria's award highlights her commitment to students and her knowledge and enthusiasm for student-centred approaches, as well as her innovative, empathetic and passionate approach to creating a connected curriculum. Her positive influence, motivation and inspiration to critically engage students with the world through art and visual culture is well evidenced.

Dr James Marland (Drama) - James' award was strongly centred on his creative and highly humanistic approach to supporting, inspiring and motivating students, as well as his strong critically reflective stance in cyclical curriculum development. James' approach to curriculum differentiation and the creation of a collaborative and safe learning environment is to be applauded.