Education and Arts

Learning and Teaching

Through the leadership of the Associate Dean (Learning and Teaching), the Learning and Teaching Portfolio is responsible for determining the strategic direction of teaching and learning with the Faculty of Education and Arts (FEA).

Learning and Teaching in FEA is nationally focused while being responsive to local contexts. We are committed to both optimising the student learning experience and offering courses of the highest standard that are both relevant and attractive to students.

Learning and Teaching in FEA is focused on enhancing learning and teaching contexts through integrated, connected and technology-enhanced learning environments for our students across all campuses - physical and virtual. Our aim is to give students an intellectually exciting educational experience that is anchored in core disciplines and through which they develop knowledge and skills essential for the 21st-century world of work.

Within FEA we offer highly flexible, national, online and multimodal courses where students have opportunities to address real situations through professional and community experiences. The Faculty is recognised not only for its supportive and nurturing learning environment, but also for its ability to prepare graduates who think critically, are guided by social justice principles and who are highly valued by the professions.

Faculty Learning Innovations and Teaching Excellence Awards