Results and grades

Results are emailed for semester 1 and semester 2 to a student's ACU student email account.

The following table shows you the dates for each teaching period’s Results Release day.

Study Period Term Code Release Date
Summer Term 201705 22 February 2017
Professional Term 1 201707 1 March 2017
Research A Term 20171719 April 2017
Professional Term 2 201712 26 April 2017
Trimester 1 201732 17 May 2017
Professional Term 3 201715 31 May 2017
Professional Term 4 201747 5 July 2017
Semester 1 201730 7 July 2017
Research B Term 201737 19 July 2017
Winter Term 201745 17 August 2017
Professional Term 5 201755 13 September 2017
Trimester 2 201752 13 September 2017
Professional Term 6 201765 18 October 2017
Research C Term 201757 18 October 2017
Professional Term 7 201770 22 November 2017
Semester 2 201760 8 December 2017
Professional Term 8 201797 28 December 2017
Research D Term 201777 10 January 2017
Trimester 3 201772 10 January 2017

Once the results have been released, you might need to understand what each mark and notation means:

Notation Final Result Grade Range Guide (%) GPA Numerical Equivalent
HD High Distinction 85-100 7
DI Distinction 75-84 6
CR Credit 65-74 5
PA Pass 50-64 4
PS Pass Ungraded 50-100 No GPA number
NN Fail 0-49 1

At times you might see results and grade notations that seem different to what you normally expect. There are a number of situations where this might occurs. The following table lets you know what those grade notations stand for and what they mean:


Result Grade

Numerical Equivalent



Withdrawn Without Academic Penalty

When a student withdraws from a unit in accordance with Regulation 5.3.3 or 5.3.4.


Withdrawn – Fail


When a student withdraws from a unit outside the provisions of Regulation 5.3.3 or 5.3.4.

CG Credit Granted
When a student has been granted credit for the unit based on equivalent studies (Regulation 5.4).
CU Continuing Unit
Temporary grade for a thesis, dissertation, project, research, performance unit extending over more than one standard study period:
  • where progression criteria that have been prescribed for the unit are achieved and the Lecturer-in-Charge recommends that the student may progress with the work
  • where no progression criteria have been prescribed, a final result is not available and a finalisation date cannot be determined, or
  • where a thesis or dissertation has been submitted for examination, a final result is not available and a finalisation date cannot be determined.
NF Interim Fail
Temporary grade pending supplementary assessment.
This grade will be changed to a Pass (PA) or Fail (NN) by the end of the third week of the next standard study period.
DE Deferred examination
Temporary grade pending a Deferred Examination.
This grade will be changed to a final result grade by the end of the third week of the next standard study period.
CE Current Exchange
Temporary grade pending a final result when a student is studying an equivalent unit on a study abroad arrangement.
This grade will be changed to a final result grade of Credit Granted (CG) or Fail (NN) within 12 months of the end of the study period.
RW Result Withheld
When a student has been awarded a result but the result is withheld because of non-payment of any fee or fine or withholding of results has been directed because a matter concerning the student is under investigation under the Academic Honesty Policy or before a Discipline Committee or Discipline Appeals Committee.

For further information please visit Grading Schema