Physical health

If you become sick while you are living in Australia, your Overseas Student Health Cover will help you cover the cost of visiting a doctor. If your OSHC is with Allianz Global Assistance you can find a doctor who accepts Overseas Student Health Cover by going to the following link Find a doctor. If your OSHC cover is not with Allianz Global Assistance, please contact your OSHC provider directly.

Emotional health

Studying in a new country is an exciting opportunity.  However, many students find that being away from friends, family and home can be an extremely emotional time.

If you find that you’re struggling, feeling sad or overwhelmed by your new environment, it’s important to speak up and ask for help. ACU has a range of excellent support services for international students, including:

You can find out more about these services, and meet representatives from your ACU International Office and Office of Student Success during your Orientation program.