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Master of Occupational Health, Safety and Environmental Management

Studying by complete correspondence has given me the flexibility I needed for full-time work and other life commitments.

Occupational health, safety & environment

If you pursue a career in occupational health, safety and environment (OHSE), you’ll play an integral role in keeping people healthy and safe at work. This field of study opens the door to many opportunities within OHSE – from frontline safety advisors to line managers and senior executives.

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Some of the most important skills required by OHSE practitioners are the ability to make ethical decisions, the confidence to tackle complex problems, and above all, the capability to help others manage risks to health and safety. Our courses are designed to help you develop these and an array of other necessary skills.

Delivered by a range of industry specialists and experienced academics, our courses incorporate applied, practical assessments, enabling you to develop and practice skills which are immediately valued in the workplace. We also understand the importance of flexibility. Our units are offered in four study periods throughout the year, and our courses are delivered completely online.

A range of opportunities

Our courses combine the technical basis to OHSE practice with a sound grounding in business and management. During your degree, you’ll learn about physical hazards in occupational environments, environmental assessment and conformance, OHSE law, behavioural safety, safety leadership and more.

As our graduate, you’ll have access to a range of career opportunities. You can pursue paths such as business or operations manager, OHSE advisor or consultant, OHSE manager, OHSE inspector, corporate trainer, policy officer, human resource manager and employment or industrial relations officer.

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If you don’t meet the state-based requirements for entry into your degree, don’t panic. There are lots of ways into ACU. Explore our pathways to get started.

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Occupational Health, Safety and Environment (OHSE) is an area concerned with the safety, health and welfare of people engaged in work or employment.  It is in high demand in Australia due to the introduction of national OHSE legislation.

The goals of occupational safety and health programs include fostering a safe and healthy work environment. OHSE may also protect co-workers, family members, employers, customers, and many others who might be affected by the workplace environment.

Occupational health and safety can be important for moral, legal, and financial reasons. Employers have a legal obligation to take reasonable care for the safety of their employees. Good OHSE practices can also reduce employee injury and illness related costs, including medical care, sick leave and disability benefit costs.

Graduate career opportunities arise in both the private and public sectors and cover a range of OHSE-related occupations such as:

  • Workplace Occupational Health & Safety manager
  • OHSE manager
  • HR manager
  • OHSE Systems manager

ACU offers a suite of OHSE Management courses at postgraduate level through Open Universities Australia (fully online).

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