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Josh Goldsbrough

Bachelor of Theology

"Going that extra mile in a job I love is important to me. I’m not inspired by just meeting the minimum obligations."

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Theology relates faith, spirituality and scholarship to a concern for human flourishing and dignity, and stewardship of the environment and all creation. Students develop a wide range of skills, including communication skills, and the capacity to analyse, reflect critically, evaluate, and bring ethical perspectives to life and work.

Why study theology at ACU?

Students of theology at ACU have access to a world-class education, designed and delivered by a dynamic and engaging community of scholars and teachers. We have a comprehensive network of international affiliations, including our esteemed international professorial fellows.

All of our courses are offered in a mode to suit busy modern lifestyles – from face-to-face to fully online and in networked classrooms, allowing groups from across our campuses to learn together.

Course information

Theological Studies helps to cultivate an adult faith and deeper spirituality. Theology is no substitute for the gift of faith and the depth of spiritual experience but its study sends us back with new enthusiasm, fresh insight and deeper understanding to appreciate:

  • the gift of faith
  • the Word of God in the Scriptures,
  • the sacraments and the Church’s liturgy; and
  • the values, practices, responsibilities and traditions of a Christian way of life.

It relates faith, spirituality and scholarship to a concern for human flourishing, the common good, the dignity of the human person, and stewardship of the environment and all creation.

Theology has very practical ramifications

It helps develop skills that are highly valued by employers:

  • critical thinking
  • rigorous argument
  • academic writing; and
  • independent research

Relevant to a variety of professions

Particularly those committed to human flourishing, including:

  • pastoral care
  • counselling
  • chaplaincy
  • teaching
  • social work
  • psychology
  • justice and peace
  • advocacy
  • humanitarian aid and development within the Church and the charitable sector.

Theology also provides a firm foundation for further career development in such fields as journalism and media, public relations, and administration.