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What is a webinar?

Australian Catholic University makes use of a tool called Adobe Connect, which allows you to link into a learning group by means of your home computer, or sometimes a computer on campus.

Using a headset with a microphone and earphones, you can see your facilitator on the screen, hear the questions and comments of your fellow students, engage in discussion, view PowerPoint presentations and other documents, send instant chat messages, and break out into small discussion groups where you can record your own notes.

Of this technology, students have commented:

It worked perfectly well and I always [find] myself directly involved in the lecture. There is that sense of concentration. It seems as if it is a personal lecture, hence, you can't but concentrate. Also you can access it from the comfort of your house, in a relaxed way. I prefer it because it is clearer, could be used anywhere, time saving and more participative.
More convenient. Ability for text chat for side comments without disrupting flow of lecture. Listening directly to the lecturer with headphones made it easy to concentrate. Not only was it more convenient but I felt more involved, it became more personal as if David and I were having a conversation between ourselves.

adobe connect webinar screen shot

Experience how David Pascoe facilitated an Adobe Connect session with his students in THCP207 Christian Community Experience:

In this session, David is facilitating a reflective process at the end of a semester after students have come back from placements in a number of community agencies. The students are taking up most of the space and hence processing the learning.

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