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Do I have the right gear and connection?


You need to purchase a headset with a built in microphone such as the Logitech H330 which has a USB connection. If you have an analog headset, put the pink jack into the microphone port and the green jack into the headset or speaker port.

Ensure you are using your headset; otherwise echo feedback will be unpleasant for everyone and limit the effectiveness of the session – in fact, you will be asked to leave! It is best to plug it in before turning on your computer so it can find your new device – other times make sure it is plugged in before entering the Adobe Connect room.

Connection Requirements

You need a reliable Internet broadband connection. This can be ADSL 1 or 2, cable, LAN (at work perhaps) or anything better such as the NBN. There have been problems with satellite connection in that participants can hear but not speak without breakup. Some wireless broadband connections can also be weak.

Test your Computer for Adobe Connect. Go to the Adobe Connect test site via the link below to see how your computer performs:

  • the correct version of Flash
  • the connection speed to participate in Adobe Connect
  • type of connection speed
  • installation of the Adobe Connect Add-in.

You need all four to be ticked:

Adobe Connect Test site

If you are trying to access while at work, you may be blocked by proxy server settings. Talk to them to open the 8080 Port... and if still a problem, try:

  1. In your browser, find the Internet Options or preferences to change proxy settings.
  2. Enable the setting Use HTTP 1.1 through proxy connections and click OK.
  3. Close all browser windows and re-open before trying to connect to the meeting again

Browser Problems, Flash and Audio

The following linked documents will give you guidance on first logging in, accepting Flash and the Adobe Connect Add-in, turning off pop-up blockers, finding your headset in the Adobe Audio Setup Wizard – even checking you have the general sound/audio settings for your computer at high enough level – and definitely not muted! When you have problems, do use the Adobe Connect Trouble Shooting document below:

Page last updated: 29 Jun 2017

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