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Learning and Teaching in the Faculty of Theology and Philosophy

The Faculty of Theology and Philosophy has expert academic staff located on every campus of the University (excepting North Sydney). In addition to working locally, we like to make the full teaching resources of the Faculty available to students around the country. Our flexible learning strategy means that your learning experience can be enriched by working with students and lecturers across Australia.

We teach units:

  • on campus (this is the most common mode for undergraduates and usually takes place over a twelve week semester; when we teach on campus for graduates, it is usually in intensive mode, that is, over a couple of weekends, or a week)
  • on site (for particular sponsored graduate cohorts, in intensive mode, at a mutually convenient location)
  • fully online (mainly for graduates, although we have a limited number of undergraduate units available in this mode, usually over a twelve week semester)
  • flexibly (nationally, for undergraduate or graduate groupings; in summer, winter, or standard semesters; using webinar and or videoconference technology as well as other learning resources and activities)
  • by individual or group supervision (these are usually research project units; supervision can take place using technologies such as Skype, Adobe Connect, email, or teleconference).

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