Theology and Philosophy

Jesus and the First Christians

A month long study tour in the Middle East, assisted by trained and accredited local archaeological guides, and led by Fr Michael Trainor from ACU's Adelaide Campus.

The in situ experience enables students to greater appreciate the cultural, social, historical and geographical milieu of the Bible and early Christianity, and the Abrahamic monotheistic religious traditions of Islam and Judaism.

Various religious sites are visited:

  • Jordan (Amman, Pella, Petra, Mt Nebo, Macchareus and Jerash)
  • Israel (Jerusalem, Negeb, Qumran and Galilee)
  • Turkey (Byzantium, Bursa and Nicea)

Participants deepen their understanding of the cultural and religious environment for reading the Bible, Paul’s influence on the development of early Christianity, and the complexity today of inter-religious dialogue and traditions.

Further information

You can read more about this study tour by accessing the 2015 itinerary here.

Please contact Rev Dr Michael Trainor with any enquiries.