Theology and Philosophy

Bible Lands Study Tour

A wonderful learning opportunity in the Lands of the Bible. The tour visits the places which informed the faiths of the three great world religions: Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

Over three weeks our tour visits first-hand the history of Ancient Israel and Early Christianity.

The tour provides the opportunity for participants to:

  • Walk the ancient walled city of Jerusalem.
  • Explore its subterranean waterways and hidden secrets.
  • Watch the sun rise over the Dead Sea from the mountain top fortress of Masada.
  • Explore the archaeological site of Jericho.

Setting this tour apart from others is its inherent academic purpose.

Led by renowned biblical scholars focusing upon the geographic, social and linguistic contexts of this ancient land and how they illuminate and/or challenge our reading of the Bible, this trip offers a unique study opportunity for students.

Participation in the Bible Lands Study Tour counts for 20 credit points towards a masters level degree. Undergraduate students are welcome to attend with approval from their relevant Course Coordinator.

We welcome participation from members of the public. Those who would like to count their participation for credit towards future study at ACU will need to meet the minimum entry requirements for the relevant course. Attendance on a non-award basis is also possible.

This tour is scheduled to run again in 2017. View the 2014 itinerary here.