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Engaging the Gospel in the Land of Jesus: A Pilgrimage

Israel: Monday 27 November to Friday 8 December 2017

Dome of the Rock, Jerusalem (Photograph: Michael Trainor, used with permission)

This two-week program offers a wonderful opportunity to reflect on the Gospel of Mark in the land of Jesus and its people.

The program is centred in the heart of Jerusalem within the walls of the old city, on the Via Dolorosa at Ecce Homo’s Centre for Biblical Formation, facilitated by the Sisters of Notre Dame de Sion.

"Conscious that Jesus was Jewish and that Christianity derives its origins from Judaism, the work of the Centre is an integral part of our commitment as a community, to promote a threefold encounter for those who come to Ecce Homo—the essential encounter being with Jesus the Jew and the God whom Jesus reveals." —Statement of Conviction, Centre for Biblical Formation

During this program participants will:

  • Study the Gospel of Mark within the very setting envisaged by the evangelist.
  • Evaluate the contribution of archaeology to an appreciation and understanding of the Bible, especially the gospels.
  • Understand the geographical, socio-historical and cultural roots of Judaism and Christianity.
  • Appreciate the different faith communities in the Middle East today, especially Judaism and Islam.

Complementing this singular opportunity for gospel study will be:

  • Excursions to places associated with Jesus during his ministry in Jerusalem, including the church of the Holy Sepulchre — the site of his death and resurrection — Gethsemane, the Mount of Olives, the Western Wall, and Mount Sion.
  • A three-day tour in Galilee.
  • Visits to other important sites (for example, Bethlehem, Qumran, Sepphoris, and Tel Dan).

Postgraduate students

Participation is available to ACU postgraduate students and will provide 20 credit points towards the Master of Theological Studies and Master of Professional Studies in Theology.

All interested postgraduate students should register their interest, as well as consult with their relevant course coordinator.

Undergraduate students

Undergraduate students are welcome to participate, subject to consultation and approval from their relevant course coordinator.

Cross-institutional students and audit participation

Interested students from other institutions may be eligible to participate, and members of the public are also welcome to attend as audit participants.

As places are limited, all interested participants are encouraged to register their interest (via the link below) as soon as possible.

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