Theology and Philosophy

Recontextualisation: The Challenge for Authentic Transformation

Rome Study Tour: Saturday 1 July to Sunday 9 July 2017

The Katholieke Universiteit (KU) Leuven Enhancing Catholic Schools Identity (ECSI) Project relies on the capacity of teachers and others to witness authentically to Christian faith while bringing it into rich and open dialogue with persons of all ages and faith perspectives—including atheistic perspectives—in contemporary contexts. This inherently theological task is known as "recontextualisation."

In this unit, you will explore key Christian beliefs and ways in which they have been and can further be recontextualised to promote personal transformation and meaningful dialogue in Catholic or other Christian contexts.

Topics will include:

  • Theology, tradition, and narrative
  • Looking again at the Christian Creed
  • Challenges to deepening personal faith
  • What happens to belief when it is post-critical?
  • The hermeneutic-communicative model revisited
  • Conditions of possibility for meaningful dialogue
  • Recontextualisation as theological task
  • Leading the enhancement of Catholic identity

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Please contact your Course Coordinator for advice about enrolling in this unit.

When you enrol through Student Connect, you will pay the 2017 unit fee for THCT606.

Auditors should contact Mrs Vasilia Tsiambazis for the 2017 fee.


OPTIONAL: If you would like to undertake study in Rome for 20cp, you will also need to enrol in a 10cp Special Studies unit (THEL620 Special Studies in Theology A or THEL640 Special Studies in Theology B); OR a 10cp Project unit (THEL621 Theology Project A or THEL622 Theology Project B). Please discuss with your Course Coordinator PRIOR to enrolment.



In order to allow for maximum flexibility and to minimise your costs, you will need to reserve your own flight. You might choose to arrive in Rome earlier than the unit begins and/or to depart later. However, it is recommended that you arrive in Rome no later than Friday 30 June 2017.

It is suggested that you reserve your flight early (i.e. prior to the end of 2016) to obtain the best prices; it can be helpful to set up a “fare watch” facility with your preferred airline to take advantage of sales.

Est. $2,500

To allow for flexible arrivals and departures, you will need to arrange ground transfers to and from your hotel.

It is a good idea to check with other members of the group to see when they are arriving, as you may be able to share a cab. Taxis can be engaged on arrival, or pre-booked and paid for using PayPal (see, and remember to check the name of your arrival and departure airport).

€55 each way (est. $81 x 2)


All classes will be held in the ACU Rome Centre, Via Garibaldi, 28 - 00153 Rome.

Sightseeing The only organised sightseeing tour is the hop on/hop off Rome bus on Sunday 2 July. Passes will be available for purchase in Euros at the ACU Rome Centre upon arrival on Saturday 1 July.

€25 (est. $36)


In order to allow for maximum flexibility and to minimise your costs, you will need to reserve your own accommodation.

The following hotels are close (within five to 15 minutes walk) to the Rome Centre:

Hotel San Francesco

Hotel Santa Maria

Hotel Donna Camilla Savelli

Please contact the hotels directly for current prices (it is a good idea to mention you are with the ACU unit as rooms have been set aside).

Check with other travellers to see if anyone is looking to share a room. If you wish to travel with friends, Airbnb might be another option.

Est. $1,000-$2,500 per person
Meals and tour levies

Many of your meals will be provided, either by your hotel (check that breakfast is included) or by the Rome Centre (refer to the study program for included meals).

Levies cover use of the Rome Centre facilities and additional costs incurred for the provision of additional expert staff members.

You will be required to pay for this item by 30 April 2017. Pay online now.

Financial support

ACU students may be eligible for an OS-Help Loan of up to $6,470 to support the cost of travel and incidentals. Read more about available financial support.

Please note, the prices listed above are estimates. Final prices will be announced soon.

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