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Philippines Catholic Education and Social Justice Study Tour

The study-trip is aimed at increasing the participants' knowledge and understanding of the character and role of education, particularly in Catholic schools, in a developing Asian country. It is a glimpse at "theology from the heart of the people" and how religion could be practised as well as understood as a "sigh of the oppressed." Of particular interest is how social inequities that are rooted in culture, history, geography, politics, and economics influence education.

During the tour the group visits a variety of schools - experiencing the affluence of a Catholic school in the nation's capital and visiting struggling Catholic and public schools in rural parts of the country. We also visit Smokey Mountain (slums tour) and the Tuloy sa Don Bosco school for street children.

The role of history and culture is considered - both colonial legacies as well as (folk) Catholicism in the Philippines, as expressed in key places, shrines, and churches, including a church on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Photographs: Gemma Cruz, used with permission

Upcoming in 2017

The next Philippines study tour will be held from 23 September to 2 October 2017.

For more information, please contact: Dr Gemma Cruz.

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This was a trip that began as a subject for our Masters in Religious Education course, but as we all discovered, it quickly became a personal journey of discovery...

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