Theology and Philosophy

Undergraduate and Honours programs

Majoring and Minoring in Philosophy

We offer a range of undergraduate units at introductory through to advanced level, covering a broad spectrum of philosophical topics. These provide a strong grounding in both historical developments in these fields, as well as contemporary debates and applications.

Students are able to complete a major or minor in Philosophy at Melbourne, Strathfield (Sydney) and Brisbane campuses.

Philosophy Major: A Philosophy major can be completed within the Bachelor of Arts (comprising eight units, including at least six units at advanced level, and only two (2) introductory (100 level) units) and Bachelor of Theology.

Students undertake a broad course of study in the western philosophical tradition, and develop a strong set of skills in critical thinking that can be applied in a vast range of future endeavours. A Philosophy major can also open doors to fourth year Honours and the possibility of pursuing postgraduate research studies in Philosophy.

Philosophy Minor: A Philosophy minor can be completed within the Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Theology. Subject to course regulations, a comparable number of Philosophy units can also be taken within other programs, such as the Bachelor of Psychological Science and Bachelor of Social Science.  A minor in Philosophy provides students with an interesting second or third area of study within their degree, while also helping them develop analytical and argumentation skills, and attributes that are helpful in other areas of study and life generally.

Units of study in the Philosophy Major

A range of undergraduate Philosophy units are offered over a regular local cycle on the three main campuses.

An indicative annual cycle of unit offerings, by campus and by mode, assists students in planning their studies over the course of their degree. Please note, though, that this cycle is open to adjustment, as necessitated by local factors.

In addition to (web-enhanced) on-campus units, we also offer more specialised units each year in cross-campus mode, using real-time webinars and extensive online support.

For further information, contact Dr Richard Colledge, the Head of School of Philosophy.

Honours program in Philosophy

Students with an undergraduate major in Philosophy who meet minimum requirements are welcome to apply for entry into the School's Honours program, which fits within the BA (Hons). Successful completion of this fourth year of more advanced philosophical study provides you with a critical 'cutting edge' to your degree, and it also opens the door to higher degree research programs (PhD, M.Phil) in Philosophy.

What is Involved?
Our Honours program includes three main components:

  • Further advanced coursework in Philosophy
  • Training in Philosophy research methodology
  • The completion of a minor thesis in a philosophical research area of the student's choice

For further information on the program, see the Bachelor of Arts (Honours) course browser.

Applying for Admission
If you are interested in investigating an Honours year in Philosophy, it is important that you speak with a Philosophy academic staff member. Such conversations should not be left until late in your third year. Seek out information as you move through your undergraduate studies.
For further information, or to get started on applying for admission, contact Dr Richard Colledge (