Theology and Philosophy

Philosophy and Careers

Thinking hard about some of the great questions of life is intrinsically rewarding and life enriching. But studies in Philosophy can also be a great career move.

Philosophical Training for Life and Careers

For many students, a Philosophy major is an ideal complement to their professional training. True, studying Philosophy won't provide you with job-specific workplace training or industry accreditation. What it will do is provide you with a range of adaptable skills and attributes of mind and character that are immediately applicable across many professions:

  • clarity of thought
  • skills in the analysis and evaluation of opinions and arguments
  • openness to a broad range of ideas
  • strong research skills
  • well-honed communication skills

Since doing Philosophy is about learning to think deeply and well, there are not too many industries or professions where such skills and attributes are not of great benefit. These include areas such as:

  • business
  • health care
  • government and public administration
  • media and journalism
  • teaching
  • psychology and counselling
  • law
  • foreign relations
  • computing

Employers across many industries report that they highly value the kinds of flexible skills possessed by philosophy graduates. Here are some recent media pieces on the value of an UG Philosophy major:

You may also find this online discussion on Philosophy and employability helpful.

Working Directly in Philosophy

There are also some professions for which philosophical training is essential, such as:

  • Philosophy academic
  • Ethics consultancy to business or healthcare providers
  • Teaching Philosophy in schools, either as a senior secondary school subject (or as an area within other such subjects such as the Study of Religion), or in the growing area of Philosophy for (primary school) children

For further inquiries on Philosophy and careers, please seek out a Philosophy staff member.