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Philosophy Links

Your campus library has a great collection of books, ebooks, peer-reviewed journals and databases to assist you with your studies. It is extremely important that you look to make full use of this collection.

However, the internet is also a wonderful resource that complements (not substitutes for) library materials. It's also a place to find out about upcoming conferences and seminars, find a philosophical association to your liking, and a whole lot of other useful or fun philosophical sites.

The following list is far from exhaustive, but points you in the direction of several useful sites.

Open access Philosophical Encyclopedia

Podcasts of Interviews with Philosophers:

Two Popular Philosophy journals:

Philosophy News sites:

Philosophical Associations

Philosophy Mailing Lists (email announcements to your inbox)

  • Aphil (Australasian Philosophy announcements)
  • Philgrad (Listserve for Australasian Philosophy graduate students)
  • APRA (Mailing list for the Australasian Philosophy of Religion Association)
  • ASCP (News list for the Australasian Society for Continental Philosophy)
  • PhilEvents (Upcoming Events in Philosophy, local and international)

Philosophy Humour

Suggestions for other links are welcome.