Theology and Philosophy

Call for Papers

Proposals for conference papers (abstracts) are invited:

  • We encourage papers in the broadly-defined field of Continental Philosophy, including but not limited to: German Idealism, Phenomenology, Existentialism, Hermeneutics, Critical Theory, Post-structuralism, Postmodernism, Philosophy and Psychoanalysis, Philosophy and Film, and relationship between Continental Philosophy and other philosophical traditions.
  • We welcome papers from postgraduate students.
  • Papers that are linked thematically (e.g., devoted to the work of a particular thinker or a particular philosophical problem/issue) will be scheduled within a conference stream.

Submissions are especially encouraged in the following potential streams:

  • Continental Philosophy of Religion
  • European Philosophy and the Legacy of the Great War (The Analytic-Continental divide in historical perspective)
  • Naturalism and the Transcendental
  • Phenomenology, the Real, and Thinking the Unthinkable
  • Philosophical Moods and their Metaphilosophical Significance
  • The Metaphysics of the Event

All non-plenary papers will be allocated 45-minute sessions (25-30 minute presentation, allowing 15-20 minutes for discussion). Session chairs will be encouraged to ensure papers allow sufficient time for discussion.

  • The deadline for the submission of conference abstracts has been extended to Friday 3 October 2014. Confirmation of selection will follow shortly.