Theology and Philosophy

Theology Honorary Appointments

Honorary Appointments to the Faculty Areas of Expertise
Rev Dr Sarah Bachelard Moral Theology, Ethics
Rev Dr Russell Briese Church History, Systematic Theology
Archbishop Mark Coleridge Biblical Studies
Dr Mary Coloe PBVM Biblical Studies
Archbishop Tim Costelloe SDB Systematic Theology
Dr Michael Costigan Church History
Rev Dr Barry Craig Liturgy, Patristic Studies
Rev Dr Lawence Cross Church History
Rev Dr John Dupuche Interfaith Dialogue
Prof Rifaat Ebied Patristic Studies, Interfaith Dialogue
Rev Dr Thomas Elich Liturgy
Dr Stefano Girola Church History
Rev Dr Gerald Gleeson Ethics, Moral Philosophy, Moral Theology
Prof Jérôme me de Gramont Phenomenology, Systematic Theology
Dr Peter Hai Systematic Theology
Rev Dr Chris Hanlon Church History
Emeritus Prof Anthony Johns Islamic Studies
Prof Brian Johnstone CSSR Moral Theology, Ethics, Moral Philosophy
Dr Jean Yves Lacoste Phenomenology, Systematic Theology
Dr Raymond Laird OAM Patristic Studies, Church History
Dr Richard Leonard SJ Theology, Cinema Studies
Rabbi John Levi Interfaith Dialogue, Jewish Studies
Dr Joan Barclay Lloyd Patristic Studies
Dr Rosa MacGinley PBVM Church History
Dr Daniel Madigan SJ Islamic Studies, Interfaith dialogue
Prof Gerard Mannion Systematic Theology
Prof John D'Arcy May Interfaith Dialogue
Dr Wendy Mayer Patristic Studies
Dr Sophie McGrath RSM Church History
Rev Dr Patrick McInerney SSC Interfaith Dialogue, Islamic Studies
Rabbi Fred Morgan Interfaith Dialogue, Jewish Studies
Dr Alan Moss CFC Biblical Studies, Systematic Theology
Rev Emeritus Prof Gerald O'Collins SJ Systematic Theology
Prof Peter Ochs Interfaith Dialogue, Jewish Studies
Rev Dr David Pascoe Systematic Theology
Dr Rapin Quinn Interfaith Dialogue
Dr Anita Ray Interfaith Dialogue

Prof Claude Romano Phenomenology
Prof Philip Rousseau Patristic Studies
Rev Dr Tom Ryan SM Systematic Theology, Moral Theology
Dr Ruth Sheridan Biblical Studies
Dr Peter Stork Systematic Theology, Interfaith Dialogue
Dr Youhanna Youssef Patristic Studies