Theology and Philosophy

Theology Research Seminars

In 2016, the following Theology Research Seminars were held at the ACU Canberra Campus:

11 MarchThe Legitimacy of Music, Poetry and Dance in Islamic devotion: scriptural, theological and legal perspectives
Tony Johns
15 April'Slipping Down from God:' Maximus the Confessor on Irrational Abandonment and Human Restoration
David Griffin
13 MaySpeaking adequately about the human creature to a predominantly secular-scientific culture in the light of Christian faith: a short exercise in theological anthropology that takes seriously a bio-cultural model within a physical ecosystem
Peter Stork
10 JuneDavid Hughes
12 AugustTeaching Moral Transcendence
Nikolai Blaskow
9 SeptemberHelen Crain-Welsby
14 OctoberWisdom and Folly in Christian Discourse
Mary Sheather
11 NovemberBuddhism, democracy and the virtue of moderation
Rapin Quinn