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Simone Weil Lecture 2011

2011 Simone Weil Lecture

Prof Kevin Hart FAHA “On Forgiveness: Narrative and Lyrical”

About Kevin Hart

  Flyer: On Forgiveness: Narrative and Lyrical

Kevin Hart FAHA is Eric D'Arcy Professor of Philosophy at ACU, and Edwin B. Kyle Professor of Christian Studies at University of Virginia. Kevin is a philosopher, a theologian and a poet of international renown. Among his books are The Trespass of the Sign: Deconstruction, Theology, and Philosophy (Fordham UP), The Exorbitant: Emmanuel Levinas between Jews and Christians (Fordham UP), The Dark Gaze: Maurice Blanchot and the Sacred (Chicago UP) and Counter-Experiences: Reading Jean-Luc Marion (Notre Dame UP). He co-edits the series "Thresholds" for Notre Dame UP and edits a series on phenomenology and theology for Northwestern UP. He sits on the comité scientifique of the works of Emmanuel Lévinas (Grasset). His poetry includes Flame Tree: Selected Poems (Bloodaxe) and the recently published Morning Knowledge (Notre Dame UP). Several new scholarly and poetic works are forthcoming.

Lecture Abstract

A common view of forgiveness involves the idea that it happens spontaneously; it is personal, immediate, a gift, miraculous, without reason. There is much to be said for this view, which I call "lyrical forgiveness". However, reflection on moral problems of forgiveness leads one to counter-examples that call forth another perspective, one that I call "narrative forgiveness". In what ways is forgiveness embedded in narratives, both personal and inter-personal? How does a narrative approach to forgiveness allow us to understand better the nature of forgiving and the need to forgive?

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