Theology and Philosophy

Associate Professor Neil Sinhababu - 29 July

Divine Fine-Tuning vs. Electrons in Love


I offer a new objection to the fine-tuning argument for God’s existence, which arises from the metaphysical possibility of alternative psychophysical laws that permit a wider range of physical entities to have minds. Section 1 presents the fine-tuning argument, according to which divine creation best explains why the physical constants permit intelligent life. Section 2 presents the objection that under sufficiently mind-friendly psychophysical laws, any physical constants permit intelligent life. Section 3 explains that proponents of the argument can’t deny the metaphysical possibility of such psychophysical laws because they must accept a nonphysical God with a mind. Section 4 considers a version of the argument restricted to universes with actual psychophysical laws, and responds that there’s no reason God would favor such universes.


Neil Sinhababu is Associate Professor of Philosophy at the National University of Singapore.