Theology and Philosophy

2014 Research Seminars

In 2014 the School of Philosophy hosted the following seminars:

DateSpeakerTopic and Bio
7 March Philip Quadrio
"On Secular Neutrality: The Irony of Secular Self-Understanding"
21 MarchWendy Rogers
(Macquarie University)
"Over-diagnosis: a healthcare challenge for philosophy, ethics and policy"
4 April
3pm- 4:30pm
Steve Clarke
(Charles Sturt University)
"Buchanan on the conservative argument against human enhancement from biological and social harmony"
9 MayDoug McConnell
(University of Melbourne)
"Narrative, self-governance and addiction"
23 MayJustin Oakley
(Monash University)
"Virtue ethics, role morality, and perverse evildoing"
26 May
12:00- 2:00pm
Robert Audi
(John A. O'Brien Professor of Philosophy, University of Notre Dame)

"Reasons and Rational Action"  

6 June
12:30- 2:00pm

Melbourne: Room 5.30
Stephen Evans
(Baylor University)
Paradoxicality as a Criterion of an Authentic Special Revelation
13 JuneJane Johnson
(Macquarie University)
The vexing nature of conflicts of interest in surgery - the case of the ASR hip
20 JuneClaude Romano
(Paris- Sorbonne)
"Selfhood in Ricoeur"
25 JulyKevin Hart (The Eric D'Arcy Professor of Philosophy, ACU and University of Virginia)An Infinite Relation to God: From Hegel's Dead Christ to Life in the Triune God
1 AugustEleonore Stump
(Robert J. Henle Professor of Philosophy, Saint Louis University)
Faith, Wisdom and the Transmission of Knowledge Through Testimony
19 SeptemberStewart Braun
Luck Egalitarianism, Harshness, and the Purpose of Egalitarian Distributive Justice
3 October Bernadette Tobin
MacIntyre's Paradox