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Philosophy Research Seminars

Information on the upcoming 2017 series will be provided as soon as the details are available.

The School of Philosophy's annual research seminar series brings together ACU academic staff, postgraduate students and guest presenters through the presentation and discussion of a research paper.

In 2016 the School of Philosophy hosted the following seminars:

28 October

Dr Talia Morag
University of Western Sydney
Must (some) emotions be “cognitive”?

7 October

Dr Melissa McBay Merritt
University of New South Wales
Respect, Love, and Individuals: Murdoch as a Guide to Kantian Ethics

16 September

Jodie McNeilly
HDR Student, Australian Catholic University
God Without God: the divine limit of the phenomenon

Xavier Symons
HDR Student, Australian Catholic University
A Defence of Communitarian Appeals to Culture

26 August

Robert Stern
Life as a gift, Natural Law, and Human Agency in Løgstrup

12 August

Professor Jeanette Kennett FAHA
Macquarie University
The cost of conscience: Kant on Conscience and Conscientious Objection

29 July

Associate Professor Neil Sinhababu
National University of Singapore
Divine Fine-Tuning vs. Electrons in Love

10 June

Dr Stephen Evans
University Professor of Philosophy and Humanities and Professorial Fellow, Australian Catholic University
Kierkegaard on Faith, Doubt, and Uncertainty.

27 May

Professor Greg Restall
The University of Melbourne
Proofs and what they’re good for

22 April

Dr John Quilter
Australian Catholic University
Three Blind Mice, See how they Pun: Nagarjuna, al-Ghazali and Occam: an exploration in comparative philosophy

8 April

Dr Richard Rowland
La Trobe University
The Normative and the Evaluative

11 March

Dr Kim Solin
Honorary Research fellow, The University of Queensland and Postdoctoral Fellow Uppsala University, Sweden
Rush Rhees on science and mathematics

For further information about the Philosophy Research Seminars (including 2017 events), please contact Dr Steve Matthews.

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