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Call for Papers

Call for Papers and Workshop Proposals

This conference aims to bring together the insights of the 20th century's premier theorist of violence and religion, René Girard, with the latest scholarship on topics such as:

  • Islamist terrorism and radicalization in its various political, economic, religious, military, and social media dimensions.
  • The religious and political rhetoric of Western and Middle Eastern nations regarding the use of force in military or domestic contexts.
  • Analyses of religious violence throughout history, literature and culture.
  • Violence and religion in Australia’s colonial and indigenous history.

The conference is open to academics, professionals, religious practitioners, military, police, and anyone interested in engaging this topic in respectful dialogue.

Call for Papers

Paper proposals and panels from any field of study are welcome, particularly as they relate to the conference theme and the work of Girard. Papers are to be strictly of a length for a 20-minute presentation. Panels (of 90 minutes with 3 papers) on a particular theme are also welcome. In addition to the topics listed above, papers are welcome on the following topics (which is only indicative and not exhaustive):

  • The intersections of religion and violence within political, race and gender issues.
  • Islamist Jihad and religious (or political) violence.
  • Empirical, anthropological or scientific work on religion and violence.
  • Religious and non-religious approaches to violence, non-violent resistance and peace-building.
  • Religion and violence in literary and other texts.
  • Place of religion in violent historical events, including religious opposition to violence.
  • Religion, violence and Indigenous Peoples (in Australia, elsewhere, or in general).
  • The use of social media, art, music, film, mass media, or other forms of communication/expression to perpetuate (or resist) religious-based violence or other forms of violence.
  • Christian or other religious extremist violence and its political effects in Western nations
  • Institutional violence in Church-affiliated bodies in Australia and elsewhere

In addition, proposals are welcome that are not on the conference theme, from any discipline in relation to the work of Girard.

Workshop/Seminar Proposals

The organising committee also welcomes proposal for practitioner-focused, interactive workshops that relate to the work of Girard or the conference theme. Such sessions could take different forms (e.g., workshop-style, forum, discussion group, panel) and may cover areas such as:

  • peace-building
  • countering violence/radicalisation
  • inter-faith dialogue
  • Girard and preaching,
  • Girard and psychotherapy.

This list is only suggestive and not exhaustive. Please provide a description and rationale for an inter-active workshop on a particular topic to be facilitated for approx. 45 or 90 minutes by appropriately qualified persons.


For more information or to send a proposal (including a title, 300-word abstract and contact details), please email the conference organisers at, by 10 June, 2016.

A paper proposal is accepted on the understanding that the person will register for the conference. While papers are accepted before people are registered, only after registration will the paper be included in the schedule.