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Yuka Sato, Bachelor of Commerce, Sydney

Yuka Sato

An international student from Okayama, Japan, Yuka graduated from ACU with a Bachelor of Commerce, major in Marketing. As a high school student, Yuka visited Adelaide and Sydney through a study abroad programme. “I really thought Australia was attractive because of its close proximity to Japan and minimal time difference, also being a safe and friendly country with an abundance of nature.”

Yuka studied an Advanced Diploma of Tourism at TAFE NSW, but before going home really wished to further her studies. “I still wanted to continue to study in Australia because the education style is completely different from that of Japan and really interesting. So I decided to transfer from TAFE to ACU by taking advantage of the Diploma-to-Degree (D2D) program offered by TAFE NSW. This enabled me to graduate with two qualifications in a relatively short duration.”

It hasn’t always been easy for Yuka, “when I first arrived, there were so many things I didn't know and life was exciting yet tough. But with the help of friends and teachers, I got used to it pretty quickly. It is always challenging to balance study and work in a foreign country, but it is very rewarding.”

Yuka enjoyed her time at ACU, “the lecturers and tutors were experts in their field. I really enjoyed the collaborative environment in which everyone could actively speak their opinion and learn from each other. I met 6 other Japanese students while at ACU, and made friends with not only people from the same major, but also other courses and majors through the ACU Mates and Academic Skills Unit.”

Bachelor of Commerce