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Tanya Kendall, Bachelor of Commerce, Brisbane

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Volunteer and Suncorp Graduate Program employee

"One of the main draw cards for choosing to study business at ACU was the community engagement subject that is offered as part of the Core Curriculum.

It resonated with me that ACU finds it integral that we not only regard ourselves as corporate citizens, but as socially and ethically responsible citizens too.

"After graduating, I researched a lot of companies and graduate programs. The standout was Suncorp’s graduate program. I applied and thought I’d have no chance – but as luck would have it, I got the job.

"It was grueling juggling life and study at times, but somehow I found a way. I have four children, three who are still at home and in primary school, and I volunteer regularly.

"I believe if you are going to do something then you may as well do it with vigour, passion, and the desire to do it right. Everyone’s lives are extraordinary, and each person needs to understand the rarity of their experiences and appreciate them for what they are. Although I might not make my mark on this world by building an empire, I will leave my own unique mark. We all will.”

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