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Sayan Kaiser, Bachelor of Information Technology

Sayan Kaiser, Bachelor of Information Technology

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I studied Bachelor of Information Technology at ACU.

ACU provides a wide range of opportunity for the students, such as volunteer experience, professional work placement courses which enhances a student's learning experience.

My university experience was one of the best thing I passed through. I came across wonderful people and most of all an atmosphere which always welcomed me with open arms, recognised hard work and at the same time gave me a quality education.

My lecturers and tutors were more than helpful. I should say, they always made sure I understood my course work at the highest standard, and at the same time assisted me at all the times.

I started ACU in July 2012 and during my journey my key motivators were my tutors and family. I always had the desire and hunger for better grades. During my course work and units I made sure I always gave more than 100% and at the end of degree I received the Outstanding Student Award followed by another four awards to add to my resume.

At the moment I am working as a System Administrator for one of the top five hotel groups in the world. My job role is to ensure that the technology is running at the highest precision; network is powering at the best bandwidth; and servers are always up and running with no downtime.

I had my offer letter the day I graduated. My three years learning experience always assisted me in different areas of work, such as leadership, being a team player, management, and communication.

I always dream of going to the peak of the ladder, and I expect that for my career as well .

To all the new upcoming students in ACU, my advice is to enjoy your time and get the most out of the university. Tutors are always there to help you, but at the same time it is necessary for the students to prepare themselves as well. ACU would be one of the finest decision you would make in terms of your degree.

Bachelor of Information Technology