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Robert Jones, Bachelor of Business, Brisbane

Robert Jones

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"I studied a Bachelor of Business with a major in International Business."

"It was really good. I liked the smaller learning environment that allowed for closer connections with lecturers and a more one on one approach."

"Yes very helpful. They were always there to help with questions or concerns and had a good background to help further my knowledge."

"Make the most of the lecturers availability. They are always keen to help you learn and progress your knowledge."

"I work for EduMine. We are the world leader in training and education for the mining industry and my role is to work with a global client base that includes mining corporations, universities and industry associations to deliver online learning solutions. We also offer webcasts and short courses."

"I got a job straight from university and worked for a large multi-national for a number of years. I worked alongside people from lots of different cultures and backgrounds. The skills I learnt in my International Business major helped me a great deal. I have always seeked roles where I am regularly engaging with people from other cultures and their business practices."

"I would like to carry on working in the field I am in with the challenge to grow my company further. I really enjoy interacting with colleagues from different cultures, and would like to persist with this skill set throughout my career. I get a lot of pleasure from working with people and providing them with opportunities to grow their knowledge and increase their potential."

"After graduating I worked for a number of years in the shipping and logistics industry. I later decided to change industries in order to work in the mining industry in Vancouver."

Note: Bachelor of Commerce - previously Bachelor of Business

Bachelor of Commerce