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Remy Scotto d'Apollonia, Bachelor of Commerce, Brisbane

Remy is now an international graduate from France. Remy enjoyed his time at ACU.

He explained on his video “I chose to come to Brisbane because it was at first a big dream to realise with one of my friends and we said – “Let’s go to Australia” – and now we are here!

"I couldn’t speak English when I came here but I did an English course and I went straight away to Uni. I feel really confident now. You have to do everything in another language, after that you feel really prepared you can do anything in life.

"Because ACU is near the coast I like to do outdoor Aussie activities like surfing.

"The best thing about being at ACU is you are always in close proximity with the lecturers and they are keen to help you with everything and give good advice.

"I’m really glad to have made the decision to come to ACU. I think it’s the best decision I have made in my life so far.”

Bachelor of Commerce