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Rabi Yonzon, Bachelor of Commerce, Melbourne

Rabi Yonzon

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"Bachelor of Commerce - major in Human Resources Management."

"The course curriculum and the location initially made ACU an attractive option. The units within the curriculum aligned with my interests and the proximity of ACU to my part-time job, enabled me to maintain a good balance of work and university attendance.

"After commencing at ACU, it became evident to me that the university held strong values. For this reason, I felt proud to be an ACU student and remained there until the completion of my degree."

"University is a very unique and extremely necessary, life changing experience. Like most other students, when I began university, I was not entirely certain about the career path I wanted, nor did I realise the importance of university. However, I still felt inclined to attend due to its perception of being the ‘next stepping stone in life’.

"Over the last couple of years, I have learnt and grown as both an individual and a contributor to society. It is definitely a challenge, being a student and having to commit to countless hours of study, whilst trying to maintain a social and work life. However, it is by being able to push through such circumstances, that I was able to learn how to best manage myself and identify my key strengths and weaknesses."

"Many of my lecturers and tutors were industry professionals who had a vast amount of experience in their respective fields. I found my most helpful teachers to be extremely knowledgeable and skilled in deliberating the course content in a manner that made it very easy to understand and apply. However what I appreciated the most, was their positive and helpful attitude. They were available at any time of day to assist students."

"My advice would be to research the course outline and program structure prior to selecting units. A great benefit at ACU is the availability of doing multiple elective units. Carefully selected units can make a difference as to whether you become highly skilled in a given area, or simply acquire a more general knowledge. I would advise students to select units that are applicable to the outside world, directly relevant to your chosen career path and of course something that interests you. Subject choices can set you apart from other students and give you that competitive advantage you need in the employment market."

"Since June 2014, I have been employed as a Human Resources Officer at RGIT Australia. I am responsible for providing support in the various human resources functions such as staffing, recruitment, performance management, training and development, and staff counselling, and aim to improve organisational performance through increased efficiency and effectiveness of staff."

"During my studies I was already employed (in another role) and was studying part-time.

"One of the units that I had completed required me to attain an internship in the field of my study. It was because of this unit that I was granted the opportunity and eventually offered the position of my current role.

"Having professional experience as part of the course is an extremely beneficial and advantageous opportunity for ACU students. Throughout my course, I learnt a lot about the different areas of my study, however it was only when I was able to directly apply it in a real world environment that I was truly able to learn and appreciate the value of my studies. By being involved in real work, I was able to directly utilise the knowledge learnt from university, and hone into my skills and abilities."

"Over the next couple of years, I intend on building on the foundations I have learnt from ACU and grow as both an individual and business professional through further studies and employment opportunities. As a long-term career goal, I hope to one day own my own successful multi-national corporation."

Bachelor of Commerce