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Pjay Shrestha - Bachelor of Commerce, Marketing, North Sydney

Pjay Shrestha

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Bachelor of Commerce - Marketing

I was seeking a university that would enable me to be an effective business leader while operating with strong ethics and integrity. The majority of universities offered successful careers, social status, and world-class education, however ACU was the only university that developed its students in contributing back to the common good of our society, ethics in business, and leaving a lasting positive impact in the world using our skills. The choice was straight forward.

Absolutely! From my initial day of studying at ACU, I found ACU lecturers and tutors to be remarkably supportive and helpful during my studies and after graduating. It's one of the distinctive characteristics that undoubtedly attracts people to choose ACU.

A fabulous moment is just a couple of months ago, after graduating, I was uncertain  which career path would enable me to gain the experience I required to be a successful business leader skilled in entrepreneurship. I was getting frustrated so I emailed my previous lecturer for help, to my astonishment my lecturers offered to meet and help where they could.

I really enjoyed my university experience, some of my university highlights included collaborating with my superstar CPA Student Ambassador team to organise and host ACU's and CPA's first event together, receiving full marks for a couple of my assignments and exams (truly did not think it was possible) and meeting life long friends.

If you are considering to be skilled in a chosen field, contributing to making a positive impact in the world and meeting other like minded visionaries, then ACU is your choice.

I was chosen to lead the ACU CPA Student Ambassador team after meeting the CEO of CPA on the streets. It was a very exciting experience which involved liaising between CPA Australia and ACU students, collaborating with my team to organise and host events at ACU and promoting CPA Australia's student passport and events to ACU students. I highly recommend being a CPA Ambassador if you are looking to build your professional network and develop your leadership skills.

I currently work with senior business leaders as a consultant at Zulu Bravo to help head-hunt for Executives to General Managers  with specific skill sets in the APAC region. The company I am working for is a Search and Selection Consultancy specialising in all aspects of the media, marketing and advertising space with offices in London and Sydney, covering roles across APAC.

I found 'getting a job' quite easy with all the opportunities offered to us by our careers advisers and our lecturers. I did however experience a lot of frustration with discovering the types of jobs that would enable me to both gain the skills I required to create my vision and a role I would enjoy after graduating. It was really frustrating being unclear which career path I wanted to choose, however after consulting with my career advisers and my lecturers for a couple of months, I did discover the types of roles best suited for my needs.

My life's mission is to build sustainable businesses that support and contribute to the common good of our society.

Yes sure, during university I really loved the notion of using business as a vehicle to create a positive impact in the world so much that I actually built two different companies while at university and a social enterprise that still continues to this day!

Bachelor of Commerce