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Pippa Hallas - Bachelor of Commerce, North Sydney

Pippa Hallas

My understanding that business isn't only about the numbers and the bottom line – but also so much about relationships and people – was something I learnt at ACU.

As the CEO of Ella Bache, one of my biggest responsibilities is making sure the values of the organisation are protected, and that the employees are well looked after. I was really caught by the University's focus on ethics, and the desire to play a positive role in my work community. ACU made sure that we weren't only receiving a piece of paper when we graduated, but learning the life skills that would stand us in good stead for the future.

The curriculum was structured around real world problems, and the staff are all active in the business world – which gave me a sense of the reality of business, not just the academic ideas.

There's also a personal feel to studying at ACU, and a constant encouragement to think critically and creatively.

Note: Bachelor of Commerce - previously Bachelor of Business

Bachelor of Commerce