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Nick Sammut, Bachelor of Commerce, Melbourne

Nick Sammut

Senior Constable Nick Sammut never imagined his Commerce HR degree at ACU would lead him into a career in the police force.

Nick ended up studying at ACU as a second choice after a friend who was studying teaching recommended it. However, once he had explored the campus and fallen in love with it, he ended up knocking back a second round offer for his original preference “a good decision as it turned out” he says.

“By a fair margin the best thing about studying business at ACU was the small class sizes and the access you had to your lecturers and tutors whenever you needed extra assistance, or just felt like a chat. I had many a great chat about soccer, rugby and life in general. You always had an opportunity to receive in-depth feedback, be it good or bad, so that you could continue to improve.

"You also had a great opportunity to interact with students from other disciplines. Acting as a rep on the student association (and eventually becoming treasurer) allowed me the opportunity to interact with students from all over the campus, helped me make lifelong friends, and eventually introduced me to my wife of 9 years. We met in 2003 during a combined meeting of student association executives from all 6 ACU campuses and we were married in November 2005."

Nick believes that studying at ACU gave him life skills that he lacked during his school years. “I became far more confident in front of an audience and a much better public speaker. My time with the student association enhanced this also. Studying also assisted with my planning and time management skills, which have certainly served me well in my chosen career."

After graduating, Nick applied to join the Victoria Police. “Having a degree meant that I was moved up the order of merit during the application process. Once I had completed the application process and been assessed as suitable following my panel interview, I only waited 3 months to enter the Academy. Having spent so much time in a learning/studying environment I was well placed to make the most of my time at the Academy. I have no doubt my skills in public speaking and presenting assisted me in obtaining my current assignment with the training wing at the Operations Response Unit, and continues to assist me in my role as an instructor.

"The beauty of my job is that every day is different. I have (in no particular order) broken up fights on the streets of Melbourne, acted as first-responder to a 92 year old war veteran being robbed a week away from ANZAC day, attended more fatal collisions than I can mention, led complex investigations that resulted in the execution of search warrants, attended far too many family violence incidents, assisted in the rescue of the occupants of a capsized boat, helped in the evacuation of Halls Gap during recent bushfires, been in numerous high speed chases, played football and rugby both with, and against, several community based teams, and learned to ride a quad bike and drive an all-terrain-vehicle."

Nick’s advice to students is simple – “Life is what you make of it. You are going to have plans and dreams that possibly, through no fault of your own, don't come to fruition. You can either get hung up on it, or take it as an opportunity to learn, grow and develop. For me, missing my uni preferences meant that I made friends, grew as a person, met my wife, gained life experiences, and placed me where I am now - in what I consider to be the best job in the world."

Bachelor of Commerce