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Micheli Wijerathne, Bachelor of Accounting and Finance, Brisbane

Micheli Wijerathne

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"I am currently studying a Bachelor of Accounting and Finance."

"I have completed a National Diploma in Teaching at a Teacher Training College in Sri Lanka."

"Australia is a multicultural nation. Coming here is a great opportunity to meet people from various countries and backgrounds and learn about their culture. I specifically chose to live and study in Brisbane mainly because of the weather. A subtropical climate is quite similar to the weather we experience in Sri Lanka.

I chose ACU because I liked the idea of being able to transfer across campuses/ states if I needed to. Living and studying abroad offers plenty of opportunity for travel and adventure."

"I actually find it easier than the diploma I completed in my home country. I have access to the ACU library and other resources on LEO which have helped significantly with my studies. This wasn't available for my course in Sri Lanka."

"I enjoy university life, it is probably the best time of my life so far. I am an Executive of the McAuley United Club and also volunteering with the Brisbane Marketing team as an International Student Ambassador - representing Sri Lanka to promote Brisbane as a study destination."

"Yes they are very helpful. I try to never miss a lecture or tutorial as it helps a great deal with my studies."

"I would encourage students to study at ACU. It's a great place to start uni life and the fees are affordable. The opportunities available at ACU may not be on offer in your home country. The lecturers and tutors are friendly and always willing to assist students with anything they need."

"I would like to become an accountant."

Bachelor of Accounting and Finance