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Michael Camilleri, Bachelor of Arts/ Bachelor of Commerce, Melbourne

Michael Camilleri

Michael graduated in 2006 and returned for a reunion party to celebrate 20 years of Business operating on the Melbourne Campus. Michael commented “As I walked through the doors for the first time in close to 8 years I was blown away by the new buildings and amenities – structures that fit in beautifully with the Fitzroy and Collingwood backdrops. Within minutes of being back a few familiar faces lit up and greeted me by my first name as though I had never left. I quickly stopped worrying about whether or not ACU still had that personal touch.”

What was the best thing about studying Business at ACU?

"From early on I got a sense that ACU had a bit of everything. It had these small, personalised tutorials that made you feel connected to what you were learning, but at the same time you are part of a sprawling national network with a truly global view.

"I also remember being really motivated and inspired by the broader themes of ethics and community and how they were at the heart of what made ACU tick. This was important for me as it put my learnings into perspective and helped ground them in something bigger than myself and my immediate environment."

What tools do you think studying at ACU Business have given you in your career path?

"ACU created an environment that motivated me to step up and lead the Melbourne Campus Student Association (MCSA). As President of the MCSA I had the ability to put my education to the test by leading, managing and designing a team that was focused on providing a cohesive social experience for all students."

You have enjoyed a very varied and interesting career since leaving ACU. What are your highlights?

"In 2007 I was one of six people accepted into the Department of Defence graduate development program (Human Capital stream).

"It was a great opportunity that involved travelling across Australia working on various projects and programs that allowed me to showcase the skills I had developed while at ACU. This included change management, strategic recruitment, workforce planning, industrial relations and performance management.

"In 2011 I had the opportunity to move to Kenya and took up a position in the Australian High Commission as their Corporate Manager. It was such a thrill to work in such a fast paced environment and I needed my broad set of business skills to balance the various HR, IT and Financial challenges.

"I then took some time off and travelled around Eastern and Southern Africa, took up running and ran half marathons in Kenya and Zimbabwe, learnt guitar, took up woodworking, cooked a lot, ate even more and finally decided it was time to move back to Australia.

"At the start of this year I moved back to Melbourne and joined Levant Consulting, a boutique consultancy specialising in organisational design and strategic change. I’m very fortunate to be working with a quality group of people who are fun, smart and creative. Together we partner with a broad range of organisations in an effort to help them achieve something great.”

Any advice for future students?

"Be bold and say yes to the different opportunities that come your way. It gives a bit of colour to your life and at worst you’ll have any interesting story to tell."

New focus

Michael is returning to ACU next year (2015) to study with the inaugural MBA (Executive) class in Melbourne.

Bachelor of Commerce