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Lilyrose Schisas, Bachelor of Commerce, Strathfield

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Lilyrose is a second year student and a student ambassador studying a Bachelor of Commerce, with a major in Marketing at ACU’s Strathfield Campus.

“Prior to commencing my studies, I was working in Event Management at the American Chamber of Commerce in Australia for several years. After working in the corporate world, I discovered I have an interest and passion for Marketing, so I decided it was about time to formally gain a qualification in the industry. I was also extremely fortunate to be mentored and inspired by the CEO at the time.

“I chose to study at the ACU Strathfield campus as I have only ever heard great experiences from students who have graduated, all of which have now moved into successful careers. Not only was the intimate campus life very appealing, so were the Catholic values that ACU represents.”

Lilyrose describes her experience as a student, "Student life certainly is different but extremely rewarding. ACU has such a fun, warm and nurturing environment. I have been fortunate enough to be selected to represent ACU as a Student Ambassador for Business. A valuable opportunity, I am able to share my passion for the university with others, and help high school students transition into uni life. It has also allowed me to get involved in different marketing, CRM, and event management projects within the corporate offices of ACU, giving me more experience in my field of studies. I was even lucky enough to assist on the Vivid Sydney event!"

Lilyrose is full of ambition and knows exactly where she wants her degree to take her. “I have a keen interest in all aspects of Marketing. My ultimate career goal is to become a Chief Marketing Officer of a top ranking Fortune 500 company, however, I realise I have lots to learn and accomplish in order to achieve this goal. I look forward to this journey.”

Bachelor of Commerce