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Lauren Harrison, Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting), Melbourne

Lauren Harrison

“I considered myself extremely lucky to be offered the position of a trainee at Deloitte, as only a limited number of students were given such an opportunity. The trainee position involved attending university and working at the same time, but it gave me the opportunity to gain real life experience and get a true taste of the corporate world."

Lauren had always been really passionate about a career in Accounting. “I saw the ICAA advertising an information night about cadetships within accounting firms. I was extremely keen and enthusiastic about the idea of being involved. I took the opportunity to speak to my school’s career counsellor, who gave me advice on how to stand out from other candidates and structure my resume and cover letter in a professional manner. I applied for the traineeship program at every firm that was offering, as I didn’t want to limit myself."

Although very keen and confident to get straight into the workforce, Lauren felt a little uneasy about university. “I chose ACU as it really stood out from other universities. I was impressed by the small class sizes and the layout of the uni.  ACU has a warm and friendly vibe to it. Coming from a small school I didn’t want to be overwhelmed by some of the class sizes of other universities. I found that I learnt best when I developed relationships with my teachers and fellow students."

Now enjoying a career at Deloitte, Lauren’s advice to upcoming students would be to “take hold of every opportunity you are given as you never know where it might lead you. Make sure you get involved in extra activities within school and outside of school as this makes you stand out to potential employers. Make use of all the resources available. This includes the career counsellors at your school and especially at university. They do such an amazing job and have a great deal of experience."

Bachelor of Commerce