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Lachlan McDougall, Bachelor of Commerce, North Sydney

Lachlan McDougall profile image Lachlan McDougall, third year student studying a Bachelor of Commerce at the ACU North Sydney Campus

While attending ACU, Lachlan was an ACU Student Ambassador, who completed a Bachelor of Commerce with a major in marketing.

Lachlan began his study at a larger Sydney university and transferred to Australian Catholic University to complete his Commerce degree. “I was always interested in ACU, although as I was accepted into one of the bigger universities, I chose to go there instead.

“My experience there wasn’t a positive one; I found the big campus and lack of familiar faces overwhelming. I thought my university days were over. However, I decided to give it another shot at the university I had previously considered, ACU at North Sydney.

“Immediately after changing to ACU I felt a much stronger sense of belonging. The campus was smaller and much more inviting and faces quickly became familiar. It was much easier to socialise and make friends with other students.

“I also couldn’t have been happier with the teaching staff at ACU, they were always so helpful. At the previous university it seemed once the class was over it was near impossible to get in contact or ask a question, at ACU it was quite the opposite.

“One teaching staff member in particular made my uni life so much easier. Alex Cantali was my Course Coordinator - she helped me from day one.

“It was Alex who recommended I take on the role as Student Ambassador and I happily accepted. I wanted to help future students make the right choice about university and emphasise how inviting ACU was and how friendly and helpful the staff were.”

Bachelor of Commerce