Law and Business

Edmond Lesui, Bachelor of Commerce, North Sydney

Edmond Lessui

“Studying business at ACU was a great experience”.

In choosing his university, Edmond Lesui was looking for a learning environment that embraced both his values and his ambitions. He was a community focused Youth Leader in his local church, and a sports man who placed integrity and team work at the core of his goals.

Edmond chose to study accounting at ACU because of the role it plays in contemporary business issues. He knew his education would assist him in applying his beliefs in “promoting ethical and sustainable accounting practices” in his future career.

He graduated from ACU with a competitive edge. “The Professional Experience Unit, which requires graduates to complete 105 hours of community service for a non-for-profit organisation was an invaluable experience for me. No other university offers this, and it looks great on my resume.”

Now overseeing Boral's Quarries & Logistics businesses in Victoria, South Australia and Tasmania in his current Management Accountant role, he has the opportunity to travel and interact with all levels of the business, from Site Supervisors right up to Regional and National Managers.

Edmond now enjoys putting into practice some of the most valuable lessons learned in his University studies, “the lecturers and tutors were just as eager to learn from the students as the students were from them. And it's that same mentality I take with me everywhere, there is always something to learn and there will always be something to develop”.

Bachelor of Commerce