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David Sargent, Bachelor of Commerce (Honours), Melbourne

David Sargent

David Sargent graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce (Honours) at ACU’s Melbourne Campus. David chose ACU because he believes in the universities focus on sustainable and ethical principles of business and knew of its academic standing with professionals. David describes his experience at ACU. “The facilities are second to none, especially after the renovations to the library. I previously came from another major university where the teaching was very impersonal and there was insufficient help in terms of fulfilling the academic requirements of the course, also there were not enough computers for the students. When I arrived at ACU, it was a lot more personable, the teachers were very knowledgeable and willing to help you if you were in need of assistance, even if it was out of class time.”

David achieved a grade point average of 6.33 in his first two years of study, which placed him on the ACU Dean’s list and in good stead to complete an honours program. “When I was at the Deans Award ceremony 2013, there was a segment of the event dedicated to discussing the ACU honours program. One of my teachers, Dr Judy Rex, also suggested I complete an Honours year, so that I could grow further, and increase my chances of gaining a high ranked job in the industry of my choosing. The ability to choose a subject that was of interest to me was another reason why I chose to complete an Honours year at ACU.

“My honours research topic was about the antecedents of purchase intention towards organic food by young adults. Through looking at different explanatory variables such as health/nutrition, environmental concern, taste and high quality, I gained a better understanding as to variances associated with young adults in terms of their purchase intention towards organic food."

David has a very clear career path ahead. “I plan to go into either the Hospitality industry or the Finance industry, as I have previous qualifications and experience in both these areas. My end goal would be to become a Finance Manager at a Hotel or Resort thereby combining both my Hospitality and Financial expertise; however I am also interested in working at a bank if the opportunity becomes available.”

Bachelor of Commerce