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Cassandra Metlege, Bachelor of Commerce, North Sydney

Cassandra Metlege

Cassandra Metlege is an ACU Graduate having completed a Bachelor of Commerce, majoring in Human Resources at the North Sydney campus.

Cassandra finished school and went straight to university. “ACU was the only university that offered a course which interested me and allowed me to get in with my ATAR. I had an Aunty who studied teaching at ACU many years prior to me and she offered so much positive feedback about her university experience, that I was comfortable in choosing ACU.

"A Commerce degree at ACU allows you to try a bit of everything in your first year of study, meaning that when it comes time to choose your major you know where your strengths lie. HR for me felt effortless. I enjoyed what was being taught and I had a natural connection with the HR professionals who were teaching the content. Most importantly I could see myself making a career out of it.

"During my time at ACU I also undertook professional experience. This allowed me to gain valuable work experience, whilst also counting as 10 credit points towards my degree. It taught me valuable interview skills, resume writing and professional conduct, all of which are highly valuable in the workplace.

"I secured my placement with Beaumont Consulting, who after 3 months of finishing my placement phoned me to temp with them. After temping and in my final week of university, I was then put forward for the position of HR & Payroll Administrator at The Smith Family (TSF). The back bone, knowledge and skills I had learnt throughout my studies and in particular my professional experience enabled me to secure the role at The Smith family. I know so many other people who finished their studies at other universities and had nothing but their degree to support them in looking for their careers. The opportunity for professional experience whilst studying meant that I was a cut above the rest when it came to applying and interviewing for the role.

"One of the best things about ACU is the small class sizes. No matter which lecturer or tutor you see on campus, every single one knows you by name. They are more than happy to give you support and help outside of classes and even in their own personal time. Lectures would consist of teaching through their own professional experiences; putting theory into practice to assist us in knowing just how valuable what we were being taught would be in our careers”.

Cassandra offers good advice to year 12 students who received a lower than expected ATAR. “I am a perfect example of this, as all along in year 12 I wanted to pursue journalism, however when ATARs were released my dreams were shattered, which meant I had to reassess my options.

"After choosing business at ACU I knew that the stars had aligned for a reason, because I had the most positive university experience and I have such a passion for where my career has taken me. No other applicants competing for my role, from Macquarie, UTS, Sydney, UWS could offer what the ACU student could. After sharing my experience and success with friends who went to other universities, they also wished that they had chosen ACU.

"ACU not only paved the way for a successful career, but has also taught me lifelong lessons, as well as giving me lifelong contacts in to the professional business world. The world is full of endless possibilities and options. Do not give up”.

Bachelor of Commerce