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Caitlin Gordon, Bachelor of Marketing, North Sydney

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"Bachelor of Marketing"

"ACU North Sydney is close to home for me and I like the idea of going to a smaller university so that I can get more of a personal experience with the tutors, lecturers and other students. Both of my brothers had previously attended ACU North Sydney and really enjoyed their experience and told me all about it."

"Overall I have had a really positive university experience studying at ACU. You are constantly provided with opportunities to further your studies and experiences."

"The lecturers and tutors at ACU really take the extra time to make sure that you are enjoying and understanding your studies and course requirements. The classes are kept fairly small, which means you are taught on a more personal and interactive level - which I really benefit from."

"Some days when all the uni assessments and exams may become a little overwhelming, you will thank ACU for having small classes with approachable tutors and lecturers that will look after you when you need it most."

"I started my professional experience hours with The Salvation Army and worked on the Red Shield Appeal as a Marketing Appeal and Recruitment Co-ordinator. Alex Cantali from ACU was my mentor throughout this experience and she helped me implement different marketing strategies to promote the Red Shield Appeal within ACU and the North Sydney district. I was also given the opportunity to work with an organisation called 3P Learning in North Sydney. This meant the professional experience unit provided me with exposure and experience in two organisations."

"I'm currently working part time in an International Marketing role, although I would ultimately love to broaden my career and work in media, events and advertising."