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Brooke Stephenson, Education Reconnect Program

Brooke Stephenson

Education Reconnect is an ACU program aimed at potential students who for a variety of reasons did not attend university upon completion of High School. The program is run out of ACU Canberra and is focussed on regional NSW centres in partnership with Catholic and Department of Education Schools. Principles of Occupational Health and Safety is a fully online unit taken as part of an undergraduate business degree at ACU. Brooke performed extremely well on all the assessments and achieved a High Distinction (over 85%) as her final result. Prior to starting her unit Brooke attended a 2 day on-campus Orientation to University Studies in Canberra. Education Reconnect is funded by ACU Equity Partnerships.

“Having left school for five years and working in an administrative job I had made my way through certificates and diplomas with the next step being Uni. Initially the thought of Uni was daunting - I would often tell people 'I don’t think uni is for me' and never having studied at that level left me sitting on the fence. I then heard about the Education Reconnect program which was the push I needed to get over the line and in all honestly I wish I had done it earlier.

"After learning the basic academic skills required to complete tertiary level education and seeing the unlimited support offered by all of the staff, completing the course became second nature and I thoroughly enjoyed the challenge of getting my brain thinking again. The flexibility of completing this course online was a major factor for me as it allowed me to balance study and social life as I could study at a time that was convenient for me.

"If you are unsure if 'Uni' is for you, I say go for it! Take the plunge and challenge yourself! The support provided by all staff members is outstanding – they are there to help you learn and they are only ever a phone call or email away.

"Completing the Principles of Occupational Health and Safety unit has provided me with a stepping stone to one day completing my Degree in Business. It has provided me with a greater knowledge and understanding of OHS management systems which has allowed me to better understand the requirements and will assist with the completion of future units.”

In 2015 Brooke will complete another business unit, Responsible Reasoning and Communication.

Education Reconnect is available to people aged 18–34 years; there is no HECS/HELP debt; all textbooks are paid for; and, if you pass these first year university units you can apply for entry to ACU and other universities. If you are interested in the Education Reconnect program, please contact Frances Moore: or phone 02 6209 1137.