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Attika Edgar - Associate Degree in Business Admin (Indigenous Studies)

Attika Edgar in Rome
Attika Edgar in Rome
Attika Edgar in Rome
Attika Edgar in Rome

I have spent just under two weeks in Rome, I have travelled before but this was my first time flying alone. I was scared but soon became confident and found my way around very easily. The units I undertook were different to anything I’ve ever learnt about before but I found it very exciting and can see exactly how the Economic Development sector operates both domestically, internationally and globally. I have made many friends on this trip, and I also from the bottom of my heart, wish them all the best, as most of the other students were much younger than myself with a lot of learning and growing up to do.

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Yes, I intend to continue further studies and undertake a Bachelor of Commerce.

I felt a need to travel and to get a break from Broome as it is so remote but I also wanted to learn more about Indigenous Studies, issues, political and social issues etc.

The majority of lecturers are helpful. I work full time and the time difference between Western Australia and Queensland has proved to be a minor problem at times.

It has been a wonderful and amazing journey. I have learnt so much and what I have learnt is so valuable, the people I have met are all different with different views and cultural structures making the learning environment an open and friendly space.

I intend to undertake a role as an Office Manager or an Accounts Manager. By completing this course and undertaking further study I will gain the educational qualifications to work in either roles. I also have the goal to start my own business.

I am an Indigenous woman from the Kimberley of Western Australia, I have spent most of my life living in Broome with my close and extended large family. I have worked for many Indigenous organisations and I am doing what is in my power, capability and knowledge to make my community a better place socially and economically. I also encourage family and friends to take on further education themselves for the benefit of the community.

Associate Degree in Business Administration (Indigenous Studies)