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Arabella Cassidy, Bachelor of Commerce/ Bachelor of Business Administration, Brisbane

Meet Arabella Cassidy, currently studying a Bachelor of Commerce/ Bachelor of Business Administration at the ACU Brisbane Campus.
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"I am a 2nd year Bachelor of Commerce/ Bachelor of Business Administration student."

"I started uni at ACU straight after high school."

"It was close to home and offered free parking, so I knew the commute would be easy. The small class sizes at ACU appealed to me as this was the learning environment I was used to from my school days."

"It has been great, the campus has a really relaxed vibe, and the people that attend are friendly and helpful."

"My lecturers and tutors are wonderful. if I'm struggling with anything, I just email either my lecturer or tutor - depending on who it is more relevant to, and they always reply quickly and assist me in resolving the issue."

"I became a student ambassador for a few reasons. I thought it would look good on my resume, and I liked the idea of helping people get a better understanding of what ACU and university in general was like. I have been able to work with some great people and assist a lot of future students in their decision making process."

"Don't knock it until you try it. I know a lot of people didn't even consider ACU because of its size. It's a great university and recognised worldwide."

"After I complete my degrees I hope to become an Accountant."

"I moved to Brisbane with my family a year before I graduated from high school in Central Queensland. Some of my interests include; playing musical instruments, dancing, reading and baking."