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Ahmed Hegazi, Bachelor of Human Resource Management, Sydney

Profile image of Ahmed Hegazi Ahmed Hegazi, completed a Bachelor of Human Resource Management at the ACU Sydney Campus.

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"I have just finished a Bachelor of Human Resource Management."

"I went to TAFE then university. I had a 3 year gap between school in Egypt and university in Australia."

"Amazing! I loved it so much that I am now thinking of continuing my studies and completing a masters degree"

"A few reasons.

  1. Flexbility - great credit recognition (more than other universities);
  2. a hands on approach - relatively small class numbers facilitate better discussions, interactions and learning; 
  3. the campus was convenient to home."

"They were very helpful and friendly. They kept me engaged, and allowed me to enjoy learning."

"Make use of all the opportunities and facilities on offer at ACU. One example is the Career Hub. Discover these opportunities early to make the most of your time. ACU has a very flexible and supportive culture, be proactive, start your initiatives early and ACU will support you."

"I would like to become a Human Resources Generalist for a little while to gain good experience. I will then likely focus in on change management as an area of speciality - unless of course something else is discovered along the way."

"I'm an Australian with an Egyptian background. I particularly enjoy reading, TED talks, swimming and have a 12 year background in theatre and media.