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Tom Ichikawa, Master of Business Administration (Executive), Sydney

Tom Ichikawa

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I was working as a Human Resources Generalist in a privately owned company looking after the operations in recruitment and graduate programs.

As I had just made a career change and had always been interested in pursuing my career further through further study, I came across ACU at the MBA postgraduate expo at Town Hall back in 2013. The staff at ACU looked so approachable and provided me with a lot of information to take home and think about. I undertook further research about ACU and found it had a reputable reputation and high academic standards in the world.

Also the course delivery was conducted over the weekend and face-to-face which was very important for me.

As a mature student coming back to study after 10 years since my undergraduate days, I wasn’t sure what to expect to be honest. I liked the fact that the course delivery mode was face-to-face and with interactions among classmates so I was bit relieved.

The university’s Student Portal and general administration support has been great as well.

The course content has been very relevant and up to date with interactive discussions and group work really enhancing my learning outcome.

I had the pleasure of having some of the best lecturers and tutors throughout my MBA Executive program. Their experience as a professional and as an academic strike a good balance and offered a lot of clarity from theoretical to practical side of the courses that I was studying.

Most of them were very approachable and would sit and consult with you to help you with your assignments to real life case scenarios you would be experiencing at work.

Also, I had some of the most amazing class mates where I was able to bounce ideas off and learn through their professional experience. Lecturers were really able to facilitate group discussions well.

I am currently looking to move companies to further utilise my MBAe experience and knowledge. Having said that, I am still in the field of Human Resources and currently a team leader for NSW Health looking after employee services and managing a team.

MBAe for me personally was a new religion. All of the subjects offered an insight into something I never knew or think about. It has opened up my eyes and my mind especially to really start thinking all matters of business in a critical manner. Part of having done my MBAe is now shaping me to think more critically, do my research, don't take things on a face value alone and understand the dynamic of organisation and its culture which is driving the people and leadership.

Overall, it was a life changing experience.

I would like to further my career in consulting to General Management, overseeing the operations of a company. Having done the MBAe has now given me confidence and time will tell. I am still young but my knowledge and experience will get me far in the next 5 years and with the foundation of the MBAe it will support my career progression.

I would say, “Do not set your limit, because possibilities are endless. When you feel like giving up, because you have too much on in your life? Don’t give up and keep going, you don’t know what you are getting”.

This was my experience. You will meet some of the most amazing people at ACU, now isn’t that a good start to start your journey?